About Us

Thank you for your interest in the Collector Car Council of Colorado!
The Council was founded in 1965 and was originally known as the Old Car Council of Colorado. Although our name has changed to better reflect the diversity, interests and goals of our members, our ultimate objectives remain the same; to preserve, enjoy and protect all aspects of the collector vehicle hobby.

Today the CCCC has grown to over 60 clubs, organizations and individuals. Through our member clubs we directly represent several thousand collector vehicle enthusiasts in Colorado. Some of our member clubs represent national organizations that have a general interest in all aspects of antique and collector cars and vehicles; others represent single manufactures and even individual models of collector vehicles. Still others represent specific interests such as vintage racing. Rod and customs, specialty and special interest, and kit car clubs are also members. We even represent an antique fire truck club!

Despite our diversity, we all share the same goals and concerns. As such it important to realize that although the public enjoys seeing our vehicles as much as we enjoy showing and driving them, our vehicles are not protected. Our hobby frequently faces issues that threaten our interests through legislation such as scrapage bills, laws to restrict the use of older vehicles and unrealistic emissions requirements.

The most important mission of the CCCC is to work with our elected officials, state legislators and law enforcement agencies to enact and implement laws and regulations favorable to our hobby. To this end, we employ a lobbyist to assist us in the process of initiating positive legislation; modify or eliminate legislation that may have a detrimental effect; and occasionally, defend against legislation that may be directed against the interests of our hobby. Over the years we have had successes in all of these areas.

The CCCC believes that we must also promote and enjoy our vehicles. To assist in this goal we initiated legislation that resulted in the Collector Car and Year of Manufacture license plates. We have worked with insurance companies to provide and expand services to collector vehicle enthusiasts. We encourage the use and display of our vehicles by promoting member clubs in their events and activities. Our members participate in shows, parades, tours and rallys. We are present at community events and promote safety. We work closely with local law enforcement and charities such as DARE in promoting our hobby. We are directly involved in the organization and sponsorship of two of the premier motor vehicle events in Colorado each year: The Havana Cruise, and the Rocky Mountain Car Show and Swap Meet at the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport .

If you, or your club, share our goals for our hobby, we invite you to unite with us and become a member of the Collector Car Council of Colorado. We look forward to working with you and sharing our mutual passion for collector vehicles!

Joining is easy and requirements are few.
Collector Vehicle Clubs with at least 10 members and that have been in existence for at least 6 months That are incorporated in the State of Colorado, or are an affiliate of an incorporated national club can make application to the council Yearly dues are $50.00, plus an assessment of $4.00 per member family in Colorado up to 200 members. These fees are applied to pays the costs of lobbyist. Each member club appoints a representative and alternate to attend monthly meetings and to actively participate in the goals and directions of the CCCC and help perpetuate the continued use and enjoyment of our vehicles.